The Worst Feeling a Believer Could Ever Experience

11:30AM 11/24/2020 Bill Wiese

After my 23 Minutes in Hell experience, it was difficult to explain to people how a person can be dead but still exist and feel pain in hell. People will still exist in a spirit-body. It is different from the physical, flesh body we live in while here on earth.

Death is separation from God, and God is the source of all life. Our spirit and soul will live forever, yet in hell, people are disconnected from God, who is life.

There are no words that can really describe the horrendous feeling of being separated from God. It is the most lonely, empty, abandoned feeling one could ever imagine.

We take for granted all the good we experience in this life on earth. God is good, and all good comes from Him. When you remove Him from the situation, all the good goes with Him.

Watch the full teaching here.

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