What Keeps People From Choosing God

5:30PM 11/17/2020 Bill Wiese

People go to hell because they choose to reject God. They don't want to hear about Jesus, and they ignore all the ways God tries to reach them throughout their lifetimes.

The Bible actually describes a hardening of people's hearts and a dulling of their ears. We see this today. People choose to believe all kinds of foolish ideas, new philosophies and spiritual beliefs that fit their sinful lifestyle. They invent a god that agrees with how they think, feel and live. They choose to believe lies. They reject Jesus Christ because they love their sin and don't want to be accountable before Him.

We must ask ourselves, "Have I pushed Jesus Christ away? Have I hardened my heart to what I know deep down is right?"

For more thought-provoking questions on how we might be pushing Jesus away, watch the full video here.

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