Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher Featuring Matt Judkins and Chad Norris

2:30PM 8/31/2020 Brian Fannin

Has the charismatic church scared the miraculous out of Christianity by creating a bizarre culture around the supernatural? Have we made it overly mystifying and wild-looking? Do we use our "Spirit-filled agenda" and elitism to accidentally present the Holy Spirit to our evangelical brothers and sisters as an inaccessible style of Christianity?

The truth is, every single Christian, regardless of denomination or creed, should be walking with God in a naturally supernatural way because that's just who He is. God never stopped being the miraculous God, and He never started being just the God of the charismatic movement. If we stopped pushing the agendas and cultures of our "unnatural" supernatural walks, then maybe our evangelical family would feel the freedom to embrace signs and wonders.

On this episode of Coach & Joe, Chad Norris discusses his book, Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher. Previously skeptical Matt Judkins hears the story of why a naturally supernatural lifestyle inspired this Methodist man to embrace God as the modern miracle worker.

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