Joyce Meyer: More Than COVID-19 Needs to Happen Before We Reach the End of Time

7:00PM 5/15/2020

Author and speaker Joyce Meyer says we need to realize that COVID-19 doesn't necessarily indicate we're in the end times. People thought they'd reached the end of the world during many past trials and wars.

"I don't believe that this is something God's doing to punish people," Meyer says. "God wants to help us. He loves us. People say, 'I believe this is the end of the world.' You know, if you go back in history, every single time that we have any kind of a huge or extraordinary problem, especially if it covers very much of an area, people always think, Well, this is it. This is the end of the world.

"Can you imagine what people felt like during the Holocaust or during the First World War, the Second World War? ... It doesn't concern me, because I'm ready to go whenever God wants to take me. I believe that He will take good care of us that day, just like any other day. Sure, we're curious, you know, could this be the end? Well, I don't know—I think a lot more would have to happen than what is happening right now for that to be the case."

To listen to the entire discussion titled "When Your World Stops," click here.

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