Bethel's Bill Johnson: Many People Misunderstand What Is Necessary for Revival

7:00AM 5/15/2020

Pastor Bill Johnson says physical manifestations such as falling to the ground as a result of being overcome by the Holy Spirit are not required for revival, contrary to popular belief. He says that, rather, the main thing that is needed is a transformation in the mind that eradicates fear of man and builds our courage.

"Let's say a woman who is just really struggling with life, the power of God comes upon her," Johnson says. "She falls to the ground, which sometimes happens, and God has a habit of doing things that are offensive to our minds. She trembles under the power of God for two hours. The problem is, we tend to think that manifestation is what's needed for revival.

"Now, I'm not opposed to it—I celebrate it because I've seen enough of that through the years to know that God is doing an internal work through an external manifestation. ... [But] that's not translating revival. Translating revival says, 'I was so encountered by God that I have lost the fear of man. I have an element of courage in me that I've never had before.'"

To watch the entire sermon titled "Paying the Price for Revival," click here.

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