Francis Chan: Why the Body of Christ Is Indestructible

7:00PM 5/13/2020

Author, pastor and teacher Francis Chan says just because COVID-19 has threatened the way we normally participate doesn't mean we can't still experience church. Church, or the body of Christ, isn't the building—it's all of us Christians. And our lives are in the hands of God, who is inside us and is indestructible.

"Remember, we are the body of Christ—literally the body," Chan says. "Are you telling the resurrected Christ that His body is destructible now? That we can actually destroy Him? It's like if I had a diamond right here, and I hit it with a hammer, what would happen to the diamond? Nothing. But if the diamond shatters, it proves that it wasn't real.

"God told us, 'Look, there's going to come a time when I will test,' He says. 'One man will build his house on a rock, and the other will build it on the sand.' The storm's going to come. One will get wiped out, but [to] those of us who built on the rock, He says, 'You're not going anywhere. You'll stand the test.'"

To listen to the entire sermon titled "Stay Fearless," click here.

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