Pastor: Why Fame, Influence Are Not the Same Thing

12:00PM 5/13/2020

Pastor Michael Todd from Transformation Church says that, contrary to popular belief, "fame" and "influence" have two very different meanings. He says that while "fame" means to be widely known, "influence" means you're able to impact a person's opinions and actions.

"I always say to our team and staff, 'What we don't want to do is just be known for something; we want to help people impact their lives to make moves to something,'" Todd says. "If you have influence, you help move other people. If you're famous, you want people to know you are making moves.

"In this day and age, because of social media, because of Instagram, because of Facebook, we have the ability now more than ever to be known, but a lot of people misinterpret being known as being effective or impactful. ... When you're impactful, when you add value to somebody's life, somebody's organization, somebody's family, that's something that can last and actually be a seed that's planted that will produce fruit for a very long time."

To listen to the entire discussion between Pastors Craig Groeschel and Michael Todd titled "Leading Through Influence," click here for the video.

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