Does Your Rest Demonstrate Your Faith?

12:00PM 5/7/2020

Pastors Brady Boyd and Mike Signorelli say that when God becomes present in our rest, He becomes even more present in our work. In a video posted by Signorelli, Boyd explains that God has important work for us to do, but that we also must rest—and that's not a bad thing or a sign of laziness.

"When God is present in our rest, He actually becomes more present in our work," Boyd says. "Go to a lonely place, disconnect, quiet your soul, invite the rest of the Holy Spirit. And what's going to happen is when you show back up at work after that season, there's going to be a power in your life to heal the sick. I believe God wants to bring healing to your city, and He's going to do it through the people of God. You know, the only formula God has to do His work on the earth is through human beings. And there's a rhythm of living that allows us to be powerfully present in our work, and it starts with us choosing to rest and embracing rest as a gift from the Lord."

In response, Signorelli adds, "I think too often in the church, the way that we teach is almost reward-based. Like 'Man if I work so hard, maybe the Lord will reward with...' But I think that it reveals such a significant faith in God to simply say, 'My rest is also putting my faith in you on display.'"

Watch the full video here.

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