Why You Shouldn't Necessarily Long to Go Back to 'Normal'

7:00PM 4/30/2020

Pastor Louie Giglio says God may be using COVID-19 to move us into His best for our lives, so we shouldn't necessarily long to go back to "normal." Rather, we need to stay in tune with what God is telling us in this season.

"I don't know how many times we've heard someone say in the last few weeks, 'I can't wait till things get back to normal,'" Giglio says. " ... And while there are some good, normal things about life, I wonder if God wants any of us to get back to normal. Maybe the shake-up of these days is to move us past normal to something far greater. Maybe normal in a lot of ways for us is the enemy of God's best for our lives. ...

"I want to encourage you in these days to invite God into the question, 'What now?' In other words, maybe just ask God, 'What do You want to do in my life?' Instead of focusing on getting out of the storm, maybe ask God, 'Are you finished with what You wanted to do in this storm?'"

To watch the entire sermon titled "What Now?" click here.

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