Why This Pastor Chose to Praise God Despite Her Car Getting Stolen

7:00AM 4/29/2020

Pastor DawnChere Wilkerson says she witnessed their family's car getting stolen out of their driveway in the middle of the night. But instead of remaining in a state of fear, she praised God that she and her family were safe from the robbers—that matters more than material possessions. In the same way, despite the fear surrounding COVID-19, we can learn to trust God and walk away from the trial stronger than we were before.

"I very quickly decided that I would reframe the narrative of the fear of our car getting stolen and say, 'God, instead of focusing on my car getting stolen, I'm going to give You praise that those men didn't walk through the door of my house with my children and the people that I love,'" Wilkerson says. "As soon as I reframed that narrative, I got my joy back really quickly. I didn't just reframe—I released it. 'God, this is just stuff. There's more valuable things in life than just stuff. So instead of pity partying around right now, I'm gonna choose to trust You, Lord.' ...

"I speak over you today. I prophesy over your situation: You will flourish. You will walk out of this season with something established in your heart that only God can establish, with wisdom and a strength that only this crisis could carve deep within your soul."

To watch the entire sermon titled "The Story You Tell Yourself: Two Sides to Every Story," click here.

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