Pastor: How to Move Beyond Existing to Living and Thriving With God

7:00AM 4/27/2020

In order to not be stagnant but to continue growing in your spiritual walk, it's important to move when God says, "Move," says Pastor Tim Ross. Even if it means doing something unfamiliar or uncomfortable.

"If you do not move when God tells you to move, then you cease to live, and you simply exist," Ross says. "Listen to me: While Elijah was being sustained by the ravens and while Elijah was drinking the water, he was living, because that's where God told him to be. Anywhere you are that God is, you are living. But anywhere that you are that God is not, you are not living. You are existing. ...

"Sometimes [God] dries up a whole season just to get you to understand that you're not supposed to live here any longer, that you've gotten too comfortable here. 'So I've dried the brook up for a reason, to get you into your next season. It's time to go. The brook is dried up, and I only made it dry up so I can get you to the next place that you're supposed to be.'"

To listen to the entire sermon titled "The Brook Dried Up," click here.

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