Why It's Important to Walk Outside of Your Comfort Zone

12:00PM 4/24/2020

Pastor Stephen Chandler says uncertainty about the future is a good thing in that it causes us to trust in God more. It's critical to stop playing it safe if we want to experience all God has for us.

"I was talking to one of my mentors this week, and he was saying that for so many people, the reason why the unknown is so paralyzing is because I feel like I'm out of control when I don't know what's coming next," Chandler says. "... You can't give God glory for something that is within your control because if it's within your control, you knew how it was going to work out. ...

"I took [a] step, not knowing how it would have turned out. And I'm telling you, to literally be where I am and to have seen people physically healed of cancer, to see people's ears who could not hear open, to see thousands of people come to Christ, to see this church reaching the people—I would have never experienced any of this if I'd played it safe."

To listen to the entire sermon titled "If Only I Knew What's Next," click here.

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