Pastor: It's OK to Freak Out a Little Over COVID-19

7:00AM 4/22/2020

Pastor Louie Giglio says rather than feeling as though God punished him for panicking over the COVID-19 pandemic, he sensed God was gripping his hand a little tighter and saying, "I've got you." In the same way, Giglio says, it's OK to freak out a little over the pandemic.

"If you walk into a COVID unit at a hospital every day, you're a frontline ICU worker, there's been a moment where you have freaked out," Giglio says. "If you're a grocery supplier, a stock trader, a son or daughter of an elderly parent; if you're on thin ice with your job, if you're an athlete who aimed toward the Summer Olympics or toward a spring season and everything you built for and dreamed for all of a sudden evaporated before you ... there is a high probability that you've actually had a freakout moment. ...

"It's OK to freak out as long as you only visit, and you don't move in. In other words, it's a stop on the journey. It doesn't become the address of your life. You don't decorate. You don't move in. You don't tell everybody, 'I now live at 2799 Freaked Out Avenue."

To watch the entire sermon for more encouragement during the trying time of the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

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