Why It Might Take Longer Than You Expect to Fulfill a Calling

7:00PM 4/21/2020

Author and speaker Christine Caine says it's important to realize that God is loving, so when it seems like He's not allowing you to fulfill a specific calling in your life, that's not actually the case. He might just be fulfilling it in His timing, not yours.

"Some of you today are feeling like, 'God, what is going on?'" Caine says. "'You have given me promises, You have spoken to me of purpose, You have spoken to me of destiny, but I feel like You have taken me the long way around.' There was a quicker way, there was an easier way, there was a way to get there, but you don't even know what God has protected you from.

"God was protecting the Israelites from war and from battle because they were not ready for it yet. He took them the long way around, and the long way around with God is better than the shortcut without God. The long way around with God is going to take you to your purpose and to your destiny."

To listen to the entire sermon for more encouragement, click here.

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