Pastor: Look Forward to a New Normal Post-Pandemic

7:00AM 4/21/2020

Just like the Israelites who were begging God to bring them back to Egypt after He rescued them from slavery (see Ex. 14), "some of the stuff you're praying for right now is the same stuff you were praying away two months ago," says Pastor Steven Furtick. Many of us who were complaining about our lives want to get back to them, because we want normalcy again amid all this chaos and quarantining that is the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The Lord posed a question to me this week," Furtick says. "What if 'normal' isn't something to get back to—what if normal is something to look forward to? ... I hope that certain things are normal again. ... [But] I think the spirit of this age is the spirit of 'never enough.' We can never get enough information, we can never get enough of ... social media. ...

"I am not from this world. It is not my home. I do not have to accept the patterns of this world as normal. What if God is trying to bring me into a new normal, but I'm so afraid that I reach for what's familiar? Can I tell you one new normal I think God is trying to give us right now? Better priorities."

To listen to the entire sermon titled "Looking Forward to Normal," click here.

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