Why These Christian Rappers Left Church

12:00PM 4/16/2020

Christian rapper Fernando Miranda, known for his role in the Social Club Misfits duo, discussed how he left church and went to jail. Three days later, his parents brought him back, and he ran after God. But Martin Santiago, the other half of the duo, left his church for a different reason: The pastor got into scandals.

Since Santiago worked for his church at the time, he and some others on staff recommended that the pastor get some counseling, but it was all downhill after that. The hurt was deep, considering the pastor was also like a mentor to Santiago.

"[The pastor] ended up coming back to church and just saying, 'Hey, if you're not for what I'm doing—because I'm the pastor, I can do whatever I want [that attitude]—you need to leave,'" Santiago says. "So basically, he called out me and a couple of leaders and said, 'Get out of the church.' ... It felt very evil."

Now, Santiago is going back to church and has a newfound love for the body of Christ and who Jesus is.

"People could say whatever they want about Jesus—they could say, well, He's just a prophet—but when you experience the presence of God, you can't really question it because there's something that happens when the Holy Spirit does something," Santiago says.

To watch the entire interview, click here.

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