Is COVID-19 Evidence We're Entering the End Times?

7:00AM 4/15/2020

Senior Vice President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Abdu Murray says although many people are wondering if we're in the end times due to the panic surrounding COVID-19, we've had unprecedented times in the past too. Jesus says we're not going to be able to predict the hour of His coming, he says. But we should ensure we're spiritually ready.

"Someone I know just saw someone get into a fistfight at a grocery store with another person over a parcel of groceries," Murray says. "And it's like, my goodness, we're devolving, it seems. This is exactly what it seems like the Bible describes with the end days. ... But, for a moment, just take a second back and think to yourself, A lot of things were unprecedented and historical and never before seen in mass ways.

" ... In the year 1999, we were all terrified that the world was going to end because all of our computers saved dates by the last two digits. So 1999 would be categorized as 99. And so, everyone was nervous that when the year 2000 flipped, our computers would take us back to the beginning of the century and banks would stop working, cars would stop working and computers would go haywire. And the one-world government would come in and try to save the day."

To watch the entire discussion, click here for the video.

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