Sadie Robertson: We've Been Facing a Global Pandemic of Spiritual Sickness

7:00PM 4/14/2020

Author and speaker Sadie Robertson says long before this COVID-19 pandemic, we've faced a spiritual pandemic. What people need more than a vaccine against the coronavirus disease is a cure for eternal damnation.

"I feel as though we've been in a global pandemic for a long time with our spiritual sickness," Robertson says. "And we have quite a different response, don't we? Because when we're physically sick, we're like, 'Wait, stop, we've got to figure this out.' But when we're spiritually sick, it's like we could just keep living with that because nobody can see it.

" ... We already know the cure for our spiritual sickness. We already know a vaccine against eternal death. The vaccine and the cure, His name is Jesus. It's called the Resurrection, and it is available right now, today. Here's the thing: Even if we find this COVID-19 vaccine, what's going to happen? When we get sick again, we're going to have to find another vaccine. ... But how awesome is it to know that today we could actually have a vaccine available against death?"

To listen to the entire sermon titled "Death Is Canceled," click here.

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