Pastor: Why Are Christians Worried About Money, Health?

12:00PM 4/9/2020

Pastor David Platt says there are several different types of anxiety—there's a more serious medical condition, there's good anxiety (such as goodhearted concern for people) and then there's bad anxiety. The latter is interchangeable with worry.

"Did you know that for every generation over the last century, people in the United States have been three times more likely to struggle with anxiety or depression than the succeeding generation?" Platt says. "Basically, we are tripling our struggles with anxiety and depression with every generation. ...

"Why are you worried about your paycheck when God is going to give you the whole earth as your inheritance? Why are you worried about your position at work when you're going to reign in God's kingdom forever? Why are you worried about your health when God Himself has guaranteed you eternal life? ... Anxiety is a sign of unbelief in God."

To watch the entire sermon titled, "Peace in the Middle of a Pandemic," click here.

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