How to Endure in Times of Crisis When You Feel Out of Control

12:00PM 4/8/2020

In light of all the chaos surrounding the coronavirus nowadays, we can be confident that heroes are rising up. And we are learning how to shift our perspective away from anxiety and toward perseverance, says Pastor Ben Stuart of Passion City Church.

"Yes, the world is beautiful, but it is desperately sick and broken," Stuart says. "Nothing works right, and the Scriptures keep telling us, 'In this world you will have trouble; through much tribulation you'll enter the kingdom.' Many generations before us have had to endure horrible trials and yet in the midst of that, there have always been people who rose up in the day of conflict and entered into it with confidence and with compassion. ...

"We cannot stop anxiety from zooming into our minds and hearts, but we can control if we let it take up residence there. We say, 'I'm not going to do that. I'm going to lay that aside. I'm gonna take off every impediment. ... I will make a list of the things over which I have control and I will set my eyes on those and will accept this role in the race I've been given, because I want to run it well.'"

To watch the entire sermon titled "How Will We Make It?", click here.

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