Pastor: Failing to Share the Gospel Is Akin to Withholding a Cure to COVID-19

7:00AM 4/8/2020

Pastor Michael Todd says that failing to share the gospel with people is akin to finding a cure to COVID-19 and withholding it.

"I felt like as I was praying this week, God said, 'Michael, I'm tired of full plates, empty tables and silent servants,'" Todd said. "For too many years of my own life, I was around things that could transform other people's lives and never shared it with them. I was in atmospheres where people were getting healed, delivered and set free, and then I would go outside of there and see people addicted to all kinds of substances and never even offer them Jesus. ...

"We have the antidote to everybody's problem. Would you have the cure for coronavirus and keep it for only you? ... I'm burdened because [the gospel] is the cure for humanity's disease."

To listen to the entire sermon about the Great Commission, click here.

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