Pastor: God Supplies All Your Needs—Not All Your Wants

12:00PM 4/6/2020

Pastor Chad Veach of ZOE Church Los Angeles says David in the Bible was in a place of surrender before God, with an attitude of, "You are God and I am not; You are in control and I am not." It's in times like this COVID-19 outbreak that we have to learn how to live in a new normal during which we realize all we truly need is Jesus.

"We want to go back to normalcy," Veach said. "We want to go back to dropping our kids off at school and leaving them for six to seven hours a day; we want to go back to our coffee shops. We have a lot of wants, but God will supply everything you need. Everything you need is found in the person of Jesus Christ. ...

"God is not only in control, but God is pursuing your life. What He has for you is more than you can handle. He's got more love, more peace, more comfort and more strength than you ever bargained for."

To watch the entire sermon titled "You Got What I Need," click here.

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