Pastor: Where Is God During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

12:00PM 4/1/2020

Pastor Louie Giglio says during the COVID-19 crisis, many people are asking, "Where is God?" In the same way, people asked that when Jesus was still in the tomb a day after He was crucified.

"We are up against a ferocious enemy, and the consequences are staggering," Giglio says. "If we don't see some kind of a breakthrough, the most difficult days are probably still ahead. In the middle of it all, we ask today, where is God? ...

"While they were waiting on day two [after Jesus' crucifixion], while they were afraid on day two, while they were locked down in their homes on day two, God was near. I don't mean figuratively near; I don't mean spiritually near. I mean literally, the Son of God was near to them on day two. ... The whole time on day two, when it looked like God was not near, actually, Jesus was very close to where they were. And He's close to you, and He's close to all of us in this moment."

To watch the entire sermon, click here.

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