Pastor: Why Christians Don't Have to Fear Death

7:00PM 3/31/2020

Pastor Vlad Savchuk says every fear is rooted in being scared of dying. That fear is certainly a reality for many people in our world today as they're forced to face the dangerous potential of COVID-19 if they contract it. But Christians don't have to participate in the panic. Reality for Christians is that we just pass from one existence into another when we die and see Jesus.

"As Christians, because we have a fear of God, we don't have fear of death," Savchuk says. "When you lose fear of death, every other fear has no grip. You will feel it; you won't feed it. ... The root of every fear in life is the fear of death. ...

"Maybe you're watching right now and you're afraid of perhaps the disease that is coming to your house. I want to tell you that God is able to heal you. God is able to restore your finances. God is able to restore your family."

To hear some miraculous stories of healing, watch the entire sermon, titled "While in Quarantine," here.

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