Pastor: COVID-19 Is Not Going to Last as Long as People Predict

7:00AM 3/30/2020

Pastor Heather Lindsey says some Christians are lukewarm, and God is using the COVID-19 outbreak to get people's attention and call them to repentance.

"What [Holy Spirit] showed me immediately was that this virus is not going to last as long as people are projecting that it will last," Lindsey says. " ... God said, 'So many people are missing the point of what is happening right now. It's time for them to wake up. This is birthing pains.' ...

"I believe the earth is crying out, and I believe that it's time for us to repent and turn back to God. ... I learned to trust God in a very special way when I got evicted. ... When you don't know if you can buy toilet paper or eggs to eat for the week, it might draw you back to that place of learning to trust God for daily bread."

To watch the entire video, click here.

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