Pastor Craig Groeschel: Are You a Carrier of Fear or Faith?

7:00AM 3/26/2020

Pastor Craig Groeschel says when he learned someone at a conference he went to in Germany tested positive for COVID-19, he and a fellow pastor were afraid they might be a carrier of the disease and spread it to people. But what we have to realize is that our response to the scary circumstances around us is also contagious.

"What if what we had could potentially hurt somebody else?" Groeschel says. "What if we were carriers? What if what we had spreads? I hope you'll understand, wherever you're watching this—I hope you'll embrace this truth: We were carriers, and you are a carrier. Not necessarily of the virus, but you carry something.

"You might be a carrier of fear, and you're passing around fear to anybody you interact with. Or you might be carrying faith, and what you're carrying, you pass on to others. The bottom line is, whenever people get near you, they tend to catch what you have. ... Is what you're carrying worth catching?"

To watch the entire sermon titled Finding Hope in the Chaos, click here.

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