When This Christian Rapper's Son Died, Faith in God Helped Him Move Forward

7:00AM 3/23/2020

Christian rapper Tedashii's plane just landed when he checked his phone and noticed he had a voicemail from his wife. He called her, and she said, "Chase didn't make it." Confused, he clarified with her, and then he realized his baby boy had died.

"It was this moment of disbelief, shock, 'It can't be true'; but she said it was, and then the onset of emotions," Tedashii said. " ... The rest of it was really a blur until I got home and saw my wife, and we kind of met in the middle of the room, collapsed and we cried. ... We were there for three days; we didn't leave the room. We just prayed, cried, slept."

However, his grief turned into addiction to alcohol and smoking to escape all the pain. Going to counseling really helped him, but then he had to learn how to deal with shame. His faith in God is what helped push him forward.

"To know that through the work of Christ, I have a relationship and continual access to Him even in those moments that were bad, that He was still there, He never left, He was present, He was real then as much as He was when He set me free from sin—that reality of His goodness moved me," Tedashii said.

Ultimately, God led Tedashii to repentance and back into a deep relationship with Him.

To watch the entire interview, click here.

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