How to Forgive Someone When They're Not Sorry

7:00AM 3/20/2020

Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, who is vocal about her faith in God, wrote a book titled The Gift of Forgiveness. She says choosing to forgive someone is really a gift you're giving to yourself, because you're freeing yourself from that anger and bitterness.

"There are a lot of people who feel like practicing forgiveness feels like a betrayal of their own hurt ... because this anger toward someone or this frustration might drive you in your life," Pratt says. " ... So many of us grow up with this idea that we need to wait for the person who wronged us to ask us for forgiveness. ... And what I realized, and the people in this book really taught me, was that making a decision to forgive someone is totally up to you and has nothing to do with waiting for anybody."

To watch the entire interview, click here.

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