Pastor: God Told Me in February the World Would Need Miracles in March

7:00AM 3/16/2020

Pastor Stephanie Ike of The Potter's House at OneLA church says God spoke to her in early February 2020 that the world would need miracles in March. That's why she started her new sermon series "Unusual Miracles," and now she's encouraging people to check their hearts and see why they fear the coronavirus so much when God is still in control.

"I was in prayer, and it was sometime early last month that the Lord began speaking to me about the month of March, and to start this series called 'Unusual Miracles,' because in March we are going to enter a time where more than ever, the world would need to know that He is a miracle-worker," Ike says. "...There's this virus, the coronavirus, that's bringing so much fear and torment on people, and worry and doubt about God. What is going to happen?

"Whenever we start seeing that within ourselves is a moment where we have to say, 'God, am I seeing you right? Because in the midst of everything, God, You are still God over it all. God, where there is stress in my life, where there is panic in my life, where there is fear in my life, is there a place I have not put You in Your rightful position?'"

To listen to the entire sermon, click here.

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