You're Not Experiencing the Full Peace of God if You're Missing This One Thing

7:00PM 2/21/2020

Pastor Jeremy Foster says he was raised in a small church where women would tell him they didn't know how they were going to pay their bills, yet they still had peace and joy. The reason some of us don't live with that same peace is because we treat God as a resource in times of need rather than our constant source of strength. We have to practice a mindset of gratitude toward Him—this one thing is key.

"When I have favor with God, it's inexplicable," Foster says. "Something shifts, something changes in my life. In fact, you can look at people who have the favor of God on their life and nothing looks like it's going right, and they still have peace, and they still just end up blessed on the other side of it."

To watch the entire sermon, click here.

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