Pastor: God Spoke to Me Through My Craving for a Chicken Bowl

7:00PM 2/19/2020

God speaks through the Bible, people, a message, music, circumstances, His Spirit and even audibly. Pastor Craig Groeschel says God spoke to him via circumstances when he happened to be hungry and noticed his favorite restaurant's parking lot was empty. He decided to swing in to grab a bite before his child's soccer game.

"I zipped around, went in, only person there, made my order, was about to leave, when this sweet girl who was the cashier said, 'Can you wait for just a moment?'" Groeschel says. "And I thought, Well, there's nobody here; I've got all the time in the world. So I said, 'Sure, what's going on?' She got very emotional and she said, 'You're not going to believe this, but when I was a little girl growing up, you were my pastor, and I came to church all the time.

"'But when my mom and dad divorced, they stopped taking me to church. Now that I'm old enough to drive, I just thought this morning, I should probably go back to Life.Church, and here you are in my restaurant.' ... I said, 'It's amazing. I felt God cleared the whole parking lot just for me to get a chicken bowl! I had no idea God cleared the whole parking lot just for you, to help you see how much He loves you.'"

We need to get in a habit of learning to discern God's voice by spending time with Him privately, in a quiet place where we just sit still in His presence. For more teaching on this, listen to the entire sermon here.

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