Ravi Zacharias: 'Love' Can Only Be Defined by One Reference Point

7:00AM 2/19/2020

Evangelist Ravi Zacharias says we can't fully comprehend what love is unless we've experienced the love of God toward us. Culture has skewed the true meaning of love—it's thrown around mindlessly when we say we love our car, pizza, iPhone and so on. It gets even more complicated by the fact that English only has one word for love, while the Greek language has at least four distinct words.

"C.S. Lewis says there are four kinds of love: agape love, the love of God; storge love, parental love, which is protection; phileo, which is brotherly love or friendship; and eros, which is romantic love," Zacharias says. "The other three have no point of reference without the first. You cannot really define love until you understand the one who has created you and me."

To watch the entire video, click here.

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