This Is What Happens When You Pray Boldly in the Spirit

7:00AM 2/13/2020

Are you ready to be rejected? Pastor Craig Groeschel says if you're praying boldly in the Spirit, you'll inevitably face opposition. But you'll also experience miraculous acts of God.

"If you pray, 'Make me bold,' the Spirit of God will come upon you, and you will find yourself standing up for the power and the name of Jesus in ways, and it will not always go well for you," Groeschel says. "People will make fun of you, they'll laugh at you, they'll talk behind your back, you may not get invited to all the parties, you may be passed over for a promotion, people may not let their kids hang out with your kids or whatever.

"There is spiritual opposition, and the bottom line is this: If you're not ready to face opposition for your obedience to God, you're not ready to be used by God. It's a part of it. ... The second thing is really exciting, and that is this: Boldness often releases God's miracles."

To watch the entire sermon on learning how to pray boldly, click here.

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