Author: You Have a Biblical Responsibility to Help Your Elderly Parents

7:00PM 2/12/2020

If your elderly parents need help—and especially if they are widowed—then you have a "biblical responsibility" to do what you can to assist them. Does this mean you put them in a nursing home? Not if you can bring them into your house instead, says author Todd Friel of Wretched TV, referencing 1 Timothy 5.

"I just wonder if we need to rethink the blessing that we might be missing out on if it's pleasing in the sight of God for kids to take care of their elderly parents," Friel says. " ... I'm just wondering what this might say to a world, especially in the West, where we hire professionals to take care of elderly parents.

"I'm not saying that's wrong, but I wonder—in so many cases—if we wouldn't do that, because we don't need to do that, what sort of testimony that might be to a watching world."

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