Todd White: Healing Is Biblical, Helps Lead Others to Christ

7:00AM 2/11/2020

Evangelist Todd White says that the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit is biblical and, therefore, shouldn't be dismissed as outdated.

"I know there are people that come to events and they're like, 'Well, I don't know about that whole healing thing,'" White says. "And I'm like, 'If it's in the Bible, why wouldn't you believe it?' There's a reason why those people are out there on the street persecuting me. I believe the whole Bible."

White also says that healing is what helps lead people to Jesus. The sad reality is that a majority of believers in Christ don't share their faith with others—or if they do, it's a one-time invite to a church event without intentional discipleship.

"Like 95% of Christians have never led one person to Jesus in their whole life," White says. "That's not OK. We leave it up to a guy called an evangelist and think that he's supposed to save everybody or we say, 'Come to my church and hear my pastor.' They don't want to come to church. They're not coming to church. They're out there. How about being the church, bringing them to Jesus, and then they get inspired to want to come."

To watch the entire sermon, click here.

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