Dolly Parton: 'God Only Knows' Is Reaching to the Suicidal, Depressed People

7:00AM 2/7/2020

For King & Country accepted a Grammy for its song "God Only Knows," which Dolly Parton joined with the group to perform. Singer Joel Smallbone opens up about the raw emotions that went into writing the song, as well as Parton's comments about its meaningfulness.

"When we stepped in to write this song, we were all walking through really hard moments," Smallbone said. "As many of you writers know, when that happens, you tend to put something on paper that can reach out to people that are going through the same circumstances. To dear Dolly Parton, who is an incredible human being, it is one of the great moments of our career to collaborate with her and her team.

"She said something on a call. She said, 'I love this song because it's reaching to the marginalized, to the depressed, to the suicidal,' which is all of us at some point."

To watch the entire speech at the 2020 Grammy Awards, click here.

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