Did You Stop Going to Church Because Christians Aren't Nice?

7:00PM 2/6/2020

Many people don't want to follow Jesus because they've met Christians who are mean, and they assume God is the same way, Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. said at a Sunday Service with Kanye West in Miami. Or maybe people believe in a good God but just give up on wholeheartedly following the Bible by avoiding church due to how some Christians treated them.

"I think sometimes the challenge that we're living in is that a lot of times, there's people that misrepresent the God of the Bible," Wilkerson says. "It was Gandhi who said, 'I would be a Christian; I've just met too many Christians.' Meaning, what happens is, there's so many people, they begin to represent God, and we see their flaws, we see their mistakes, we see their problems—and therefore, we think God is like that."

But in reality, God is gracious and bestows such unconditional love, we can't even imagine it because it's above and beyond anything a human can give us. And in return, we should be bestowing grace upon others as well.

To watch the entire sermon, click here.

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