5 Theological Terms You Should Know to Fully Understand the Gospel

12:00PM 2/6/2020

Pop quiz time! See if you know these theological terms: "justification," "substitutionary atonement," "redemption," "propitiation" and "regeneration." Allen Parr compares "redemption" to a slave being set free.

"The idea of 'redemption' simply means or carries the idea that God purchased us off the slave market of sin," Parr says. "I want you to think of this analogy: Let's say that you are a slave and you are on a plantation. You have no hope of aspiring to anything other than being a slave.

"You have no rights, you don't have any of those things, and someone comes along and pays the price so that you would not become their slave. You can go free and live a normal life. Would that not be something that you would be thankful for? ... My friend, that's another picture of what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross."

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