Pastor: How Should We Respond to Kobe Bryant's Death?

7:00PM 2/3/2020

Pastor Greg Laurie compares the death of Kobe Bryant to that of President Kennedy and Princess Diana when it comes to the reactions of people around the world to such a tragedy. He reminds us to be prepared for eternity and the afterlife, because they can come at any moment. Laurie also recalls the hardship he endured when his son died in a car accident.

"[Kobe Bryant] is such a vibrant figure, a well-known figure. Even if you're not a Lakers fan, you're aware of Kobe Bryant and his great accomplishments and all that he's done," Laurie says. "... I would see him around town. One time I saw him at 31 Flavors with his kids, walking through the mall, and the place he went to before that horrible helicopter crash that morning was church. ... Life is precious. Don't take it for granted. ...

"The first thing we want to say at a time like this or ask is, 'Why did this happen?' I don't think there's an easy answer to those 'why' questions. I know that I asked it 11 years ago when our son Christopher died in an automobile accident. It was a lot of 'whys' to God. You know, frankly, I think if God even answered that question, we wouldn't be satisfied with the answer anyway. So we shouldn't spend too much time wondering why. Besides, we live on promises, not explanations. One day, we'll have the answer."

To watch the entire video of Laurie's tribute to Bryant and reflections on death and the afterlife, click here.

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