Cory Asbury Opens Up About Meaning Behind New Song 'The Father's House'

12:00PM 2/3/2020

Singer/songwriter Cory Asbury says he has a voice memo on his phone of him weeping while singing lines to his new song, "The Father's House." The song is rooted in a revelation he had of God's unconditional love and forgiveness toward him when he messes up.

"It was the middle of a tour that I was on, and I was tired, weary, feeling broken, feeling jacked up and weak and messed up and all the things that we feel as humans," Asbury says. "I sat down at the piano and a lot of times for me, music is just therapy. It's this time where I pour out my heart before the Lord.

"All of a sudden, this one phrase came out: 'You never wanted perfect; you just wanted my heart.' And I was like, bam, a light went off. I realized in that moment that it wasn't about me having it together, even in the midst of weakness. ... It was birthed out of this place, revelation, the Father going, 'I didn't want you to never mess up again; I just wanted you to run to me when you did. Don't hide in sin, don't hide in shame.'"

To watch the entire video, click here.

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