If You're Not Doing This One Thing, You'll Burn Out

7:00PM 1/30/2020

It can be easy to either burn out from saying yes to too many things, or miss out when we consistently decline invitations. It can also be easy to sin when we make compulsive decisions. So how do we avoid these occurrences? Pastor DawnChere Wilkerson says it's critical that we don't make hasty decisions, but that we run our decisions through the Holy Spirit first.

"We need more Christ followers to think before they speak," Wilkerson says. "We need more Christ followers to pray before they are so assured of what their purpose is. We need more Christ followers who decide to meditate upon the promises and the direction of the Scriptures before they step out into their mission.

"A common pattern in my home is that Rich and I will have a conversation and he'll be making a plan for the week and he'll say, 'D, what do you think about Thursday night if we do this?' I usually have a very quick response, like ... 'No, I don't feel like it, I feel tired right now, I'm not up for it,' or 'Yes, absolutely, lock it in, tell them yes, I'm ready.' But what I've realized in life is that when I give quick responses like that and I don't think it through, the day rolls around and I'm really unhappy with the decision that I made."

To watch the entire sermon on decision-making from a biblical perspective, click here.

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