Why One Woman Rejected Abortion After Getting an Ultrasound

7:00AM 1/28/2020

Greta Henry, director of the Champaign ministry at Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center, talked about how she had to love her daughter unconditionally after she told her she was pregnant out of wedlock. Many parents advocate for abortion for their teenage pregnant daughters, but Henry was not one of them.

Henry told the story of a woman who walked into her clinic saying she needed to get an abortion. But once she received a free ultrasound and realized she was having twins, she exclaimed, "I can't kill two babies!" So she ended up doing an adoption plan.

"Abortion [rates] a lot of times within the Christian community are] so much, they're so high, because they don't want to have their Christian brother or sister knowing about the pregnancy," Henry says.

To hear more and also listen to Rain Pierce's moving testimony of abuse, pregnancy and overcoming addiction, watch the entire video here.

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