Joyce Meyer: If You Are Addicted, Stop Saying 'I Can't Control This'

7:00AM 1/13/2020

Author and speaker Joyce Meyer says the key to breaking the cycle of addiction is simply to start agreeing with who God says you are: You're free in Him. You're no longer a slave to sin as you were before you started following Him. This principle led to Meyer being able to finally break her addiction to smoking.

"Even if you have some kind of substance addiction, or an eating disorder, you should get up every day and declare loudly, 'Sin is not my master according to Romans 6, and I will not be brought under the power of anything,'" Meyer says. " ... The devil says you're in bondage. God says you're free. If you agree with the devil, you'll keep getting more of what you've got.

"When I used to smoke cigarettes and I really wanted to quit, I would drive down the highway, smoking my cigarette, saying, 'I can't stand to smoke. I don't like to smoke. I don't want to smoke. I quit smoking.' ... It was something I felt like God led me to do. And within two weeks, I had quit. And I had tried for years prior to that. I'm telling you, you've got to start agreeing with God."

To watch the entire sermon, click here.

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