How to Know if the Holy Spirit Is Leading You

7:00AM 1/6/2020

Do you ever wonder if the Holy Spirit is speaking to you? "Leading" and "nudging" are two different concepts, biblically speaking, according to Todd Friel of the Wretched YouTube channel. He says that we can't know for sure if the Spirit is nudging you to do or say something specific, but that we can know if He is leading us.

"Leading is when the Holy Spirit applies the Word that He has inspired to your noggin, [which] makes its way out into your words, to your decisions, your emotions, your actions," Friel says. "... You're acting more and more like Jesus, you have more love, more joy—these are the fruits of the Spirit."

Friel says the Spirit can "nudge" us to feel something that then in turn pushes us to act, but that isn't the "normative practice" of the Spirit. We have to be careful not to attribute to the Spirit what may not be Him.

To watch the entire video, click here.

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