How Pastors Must Equip Their Congregation to Evangelize With Apologetics

7:00PM 1/3/2020

Former pastor Dr. Bobby Conway, known as "The One-Minute Apologist" on YouTube, breaks down why it's so crucial for pastors to help their church understand apologetics in the context of evangelism. Essentially the art of defending our faith, apologetics goes much deeper in that it also requires us to know the culture we're trying to reach.

"We can't reach this culture the way we did in the '50s," Conway says. "The culture used to share the values [of] the church. Now, the culture has legalized what became our material that the Holy Spirit used to convict people of sin. ...

"We have to go out, meeting the culture where they are. Not jumping out and immediately giving a defense, but doing a little concessional apologetics—'I can't imagine what it would be like to have same-sex attraction; I can't understand what it must feel like to be told to submit when you're in a culture of feminism and you've had these types of ideologies.'"

To watch the entire interview and glean more advice on how to incorporate more apologetics into your church and Christian walk, click here.

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