Why It's Dangerous to Hold Too Tightly to Your Dreams

12:00PM 1/1/2020

Pastor Steven Furtick shared some life lessons with young adults about letting God make changes to plans and dreams for our lives. If we hold too tightly to the timeline of how we think our life needs to play out, we may miss what God is offering as a better opportunity.

"To teach you, 'Hey, hold on to your dream and don't let anything take it away or change it,' would be to teach you not to be sensitive to God's Spirit," Furtick says. " ... We have to be tenacious about keeping our faith, but open-handed about what manifestation that takes in each season.

"The greatest way God uses you might be in a season that you think is preparation. So don't label a certain season like, 'Well, this is tending the sheep, and one day I'm going to kill Goliath.' ... The times I've become devastated [are] when I held too tight to my plan."

Furtick shares how he ended up starting Elevation Church way sooner than he expected, and he wrote parts to the song "O Come to the Altar" not knowing where it would go or what to do with it for nine months.

"God connects dots we don't. We just have to be like, 'I'm going to do this right now' and that's the hardest thing, because we want to see the whole connection and know we're not wasting time," Furtick says.

To listen to the entire teaching, click here.

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