3 Principles That Will Help You Understand Who God Is

7:00AM 12/25/2019

Who is God to you? Pastor James Meehan from Life.Church's student ministry, Switch, shares that he—a former atheist—used to think God was fake because of all the hypocritical Christians he saw. But in reality, God is the following: He just is, He is Jesus and He is love.

"Maybe for you, you fill in the blank by saying that God is an angry old man in the sky ... waiting for you to screw up so that He can punish you," Meehan says. " ... Or maybe for you, your view of God is that God is a cosmic vending machine, that if you figure out the right combination of actions and prayers, then God is going to give you what you want."

Meehan says a wrong view of God will cause us to miss out on living the abundant life in Him we were meant for. So who is God really?

"God is. Period," Meehan says. "God is existence, God is infinite, He's eternal; He's timeless. He is immaterial; He's literally outside of time and space. He is impossible for our finite minds to comprehend."

In fact, along those lines, in the Bible, God says His name is "I AM." God is also Jesus. But He also embodies love, and it wasn't until Meehan met people who showed him the love of Christ that he wanted to turn from atheism and believe in God. For more teaching on who God is, watch the entire video here.

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