Pastor: Why You're No Different From Eve—And How You Can Overcome

7:00AM 12/20/2019

Have you ever stopped to think that, if you were Eve in the Garden of Eden, you wouldn't have made the same mistake? Well, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts says God told her that we're no different.

"God told me that I can't be petty in heaven, so I've been getting my life together; I've been working on my attitude and He was like ... 'This is why you can't be upset with Eve—because you're not much better than she is,'" Roberts says. "... 'How many times have you known better but didn't do better?' And I thought, Well, that's different. I guess I have to forgive her.

"... I knew I should have left that relationship alone; I knew I shouldn't have spent the money, but I did it anyway and I had to pay the consequences."

Roberts reminds women at a conference in Gainesville, Georgia, that Satan's greatest threat is the woman who realizes her power in Christ to overcome her shortcomings. But we need people around us who will remind us who we are in Him and empower us to keep going.

"If you receive a revelation from God, no weapon formed against you will prosper, not even the ones that have been formed in your own mind. ... I thank God for the people who fought for me when I couldn't fight for myself, the people who saw something in me when I couldn't see it in myself, the people who created environments for me to flourish when I felt like I was dying.

"... There's always going to be another voice that tries to convince you not to go after the healing that you need. ... I came here to prophesy to somebody that that voice that has been haunting you, taunting you and tormenting you ... that voice is going to stop talking with you, that when you kill that voice, it will be the last time it ever takes stage in your life ever again. ... You're telling me to give up? That makes me go stronger. You're telling me to back down? It makes me worship even more."

For more encouragement on living out the powerful calling on your life, watch the entire sermon here.

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