Francis Chan: How to Reach the Millennial Generation for Christ

7:00PM 12/13/2019

In a recently posted video, Francis Chan rejects that there is a unique way to reach the Millennial generation. He says Millennials will be reached the same way every other generation has been reached—through prayer, fasting, the Word of God and relationships with Spirit-filled believers. He says anything less than that is relying on gimmicks that actually diminish the cross of its power.

"There's nothing I can do by my speech," Chan says. "In fact, [Paul] says in 1 Corinthians 2, he says, 'I resolve to know nothing except Christ and Him crucified because I don't want to diminish the cross of its power.' See, whenever we use cleverness, whenever we think we're going to reach this generation by doing 'this, this, this, this' or some clever way—rather than prayer, fasting, and the Word of God Himself and the Holy Spirit filled person speaking—he says then we're actually going to diminish. It's actually going to make it worse. Paul says there's a way I can diminish the cross of its power, and that's when I rely on my own eloquence or superior wisdom."

Chan says it's easy for modern evangelism to fall into this trap, however.

"I [will] think, I have a way to reach this generation," Chan says. "And what I've learned over the years is it's the same thing that reaches every generation. X, Y, Z—it doesn't matter. It's the Word of God. And the reason why they reject it is they are literally blinded. Our battle is not against flesh and blood."

Watch the full teaching clip here.

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