Indian Evangelist Shares His Last Recorded Video With Mentor Reinhard Bonnke

7:00PM 12/9/2019

Evangelist Ankit Rambabu, whose ministries are based in India but reach people worldwide, released his last recorded video with the late evangelist Reinhard Bonnke who died on Dec. 7. Rambabu's ministry website says Bonnke was his mentor.

"I sensed in my heart that you would be a man of God, to whom the Lord will give especially India and it excited me," Bonnke told Rambabu. " ... When the Lord called me to one day preach the gospel in Africa, I was only 10 years of age. The truth is, I never was able to doubt my calling because it was so powerful in my soul, and I can see wonderful similarities in you."

Rambabu said that when he was around 12 years old, Bonnke called his dad to ask him to let Rambabu live with him for a time in Florida so that he could teach and train the young boy. His dad agreed, so Bonnke mentored the boy until he was about 16 years old in the following way:

"So every year, [Bonnke] would take out a couple of months, sometimes couple of weeks, sometimes couple of days, to just sit with me and teach me and train me like morning and evening, like we would start at 9:30 a.m. and we'd go all the way to like 7:30 p.m.," Rambabu said. "[He was] just teaching me the Word, training me and laying hands on me."

To see the touching video clip with Bonnke and Rambabu, skip to about minute 15, or watch the entire video here.

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